Welcome to El Fuerte Outfitters, Baja’s premier Desert Sheep Outfitting Company. “El Fuerte” meaning “The Strong”, offers FREE RANGE Desert Sheep adventures like nowhere else in the world, while providing a smooth, thorough and customized service from start to finish.  Secured with long-term contracts with our Ejidos, El Fuerte Outfitters has been able to manage the areas we operate for high success and trophy quality hunts for both our Rifle and Archery hunters.

El Fuerte Outfitters is well known as a reputable company that works to provide the best quality service, not only as a guide and outfitter but also promote ethical, sustainable hunting of the Borrego Cimarron (Desert Sheep) throughout the North American hunting industry.  We fully support the new projects of the Ejidos and put our reputation on the line while working closely on Baja conservation programs with the WILD SHEEP FOUNDATION of North America.

If you are looking for a safe, successful and honest desert sheep hunt within the most beautiful desert mountain landscape, look no further.

Throughout this website you will find all the necessary information to confidently decide that El Fuerte is the right choice to fulfill your Desert Sheep dreams.

We thank you for your interest in El Fuerte and will do everything possible to make your trip to Baja one of your greatest hunting memories.

See you on the mountain,